Diversified drills to handle your project needs!

Our diversified drill fleet can accommodate any size project from a resi1270-spring-st-project-highlightdential basement to large commercial development sites: 

  • Sandvik Tamrock Ranger DX800 Hydraulic Cab Drill
  • Atlas Copco T-40/T-45 Hydraulic Cab Drills
  • Atlas Copco T-20 Hydraulic Rock Drill
  • Furukawa 1500 Hydraulic Cab Drill
  • Sandvik Tamrock Ranger 800 Hydraulic Cab Drill
  • Sandvik Tamrock Ranger 804 Hydraulic Cab Drill
  • Ingersoll Rand Atlas Copco 660NB Cab Drill
  • Ingersoll Rand Atlas Copco 590/590RC Rock Drills
  • Ingersoll Rand Atlas Copco 597 Rock Drill
  • Tamrock Commando 300
  • Cat 325 equipped with H140D Hydraulic Hammer


Challenge Precision Blasting to meet your needs

14th Street Apartments - 8

  • Blasting only services (no drilling)
  • Close proximity blasting
  • Customized blasting plans
  • Drilling only services
  • Drilling and rock blasting
  • Geotechnical soil exploration
  • Hydraulic Rock Hammer services
  • Non-explosive rock breaking grout
  • Rock quantity take off
  • Seismic monitoring
  • Soil Nail drilling
  • Test drilling for rock and potential rock quantities



Serving the Southeast for 29 years – 1989 through 2018!


Precision Blasting’s consistently proven track record over the past 28 years allows us to maintain positive working relationships with:

  • Sewer, water, storm drain contractors
  • Highway and road contractors
  • Commercial and residential developers


We look forward to quoting your next drilling and blasting project.






PRECISION BLASTING, LLC is a full-service drilling and blasting company that provides all forms of rock blasting and breakage.


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